Fitness Facility Janitorial Services & Cleaning

Your customers come to the gym to get healthy – but if your fitness facilities aren’t clean, they could actually get sick instead. Keeping your business clean can be a big differentiating factor between your gym and your competitors. Plus, the warm, wet environments found in locker rooms, saunas, steam rooms, group fitness areas, and near gym equipment is an ideal breeding ground for illness-causing germs, bacteria, and fungus. With dozens of people touching the same surfaces all day, it’s especially crucial to have a solid cleaning plan in place to keep your staff and customers safe. Our skilled cleaners maintain the highest standards for a healthy and clean environment including proper floor care treatments, sanitization of fitness equipment, effective acid scrubbing of pool and spa areas, and disinfecting locker room and shower areas.

Fitness Facility Custodians and Janitorial Services

We can also provide highly trained and reliable day porters with customized services to keep your facilities looking their best, including cleaning of rest rooms, locker rooms, fitness equipment, hallways, and windows as well as garbage removal, dusting, and more.

Custom Gym Cleaning Services

We tailor our services for each client to suit individual needs for frequency, depth, and schedule. Our custom gym cleaning services include but are not limited to:


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