Healthcare Facility Cleaning Services

Nova Services Group is an industry-leading commercial cleaning company with expertise in a wide variety of industries, including pharmaceutical-grade disinfecting services. In hospitals, doctor’s offices, and any other medical facility where people with compromised immune systems are present, it is critical to maintain a clean environment. Because patients and visitors carry such a wide variety of contaminants, it is extremely important that the highest grade of professional cleaning services are utilized.

NJ Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Attention to detail is critical when cleaning medical facilities because a lot is at stake: failure to properly sanitize and clean can result in the spread of disease. We disinfect and clean a wide variety of equipment and are also specially trained in harmful toxins that may cause health issues.  We also handle non-sterile environments such as lobbies, offices, cafeterias, and restrooms because these often-neglected areas are susceptible to high traffic and a wide variety of contaminants.

In addition to deep cleaning options for your facility, we also provide highly trained and reliable day porters with customized services to keep your facilities looking their best, including emergency cleanings and maintenance of rest rooms, cafeterias, locker rooms, hallways, conference rooms, lobbies, and windows as well as garbage removal, dusting, and more.

Best Healthcare Facility Cleaning Services

We tailor our services to suit your individual needs for frequency, depth, and schedule. Our healthcare facility cleaning services include but are not limited to:


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